The Script

Write down everything you can think of about your idea.  It doesn’t even have to be in order.  Just sit down and write what comes to your head.  Now, TAKE A FIVE MINUTE BREAK.  Yes, sit back from the computer or toss away the pencil and DO NOT WRITE ANYTHING FOR 5 MINUTES.  Twiddle your thumbs, watch the clock tick like it’s on ‘school time’, close your eyes, whatever – Just don’t get up from your seat or talk to anybody.  Time’s up?  Good.  Now, write down everything you forgot the first time, or new stuff you just thought of.  If you do this right you’ll be amazed!
If you don’t have time to plan your script, wait until you do!  10 minutes won’t cut it.  You need some quality time to write.  Take a Saturday or catch up on homework to give yourself some free evenings.  How long will it take?  I wrote a script in 7 days.  The next script took me over a year!  Writing time depends on the story, how important it is to you, and your ‘normal life’ schedule.
When you find that quality time you need to make an outline.  Don’t freak!  This doesn’t have to be a school-kind-of-outline!  Make it how you want to make it.  Just include the following things:
A.  THE START  (what happens first?)
B.  THE MIDDLE (what happens in the middle?)
C.  THE END (hmmm…  what could this be?)
Pretty simple.  Looks easy.  Now try putting your idea in that outline without getting frustrated.  You can do it.  Here’s an example:
Adventure of a Dog with Wings
A. The dog wants to find true happiness and leaves his abusive owner.
B. The dog gets lost and thinks about giving up his quest.
C. The dog lands at a fire hydrant factory and finds true happiness.
Pretty simple example.  Did you finish your outline yet?  Take your time.  Take a week.  Be happy with it when it’s done.  When you’ve got the first part finished, get a new sheet of paper and prepare to have fun.  Here’s where you’ll FILL IN THE BLANKS between THE START, THE MIDDLE and THE END.  Do the best you can and be happy with it.  Writing the script is coming soon.  Here’s an example of an outline with stuff filled in the blanks.  The more you fill in, the easier it will be to write your script. For the best pool service in the area contact
Adventure of a Dog with Wings
A. The dog wants to find true happiness and leaves his abusive owner.
          -Bad Bob hits Buster
          -Buster poops on the welcome mat and runs away
          -Buster realizes he can fly